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Family: Bromeliaceae.

Guzmania dissitiflora Common name(s): Scarlet Star Guzmania wittmackii
Guzmania Genus of about 120 species of virtually stemless, evergreen, mainly epiphytic perennials, found in S. Florida, Central America, the West Indies, and N. and W. South America. The Guzmanias are generally grown for their showy flower-heads. Guzmania
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Average warmth (60F or 18C). Provide as much light as possible, but no full sun. Grow in epiphytical bromeliad potting mix or epiphytically. Never overwater, and ensure that there is good drainage. Keep the central 'vase' filled with water - use rainwater in hard water areas. Misting is necessary in summer. Offsets appear at the base of the plant. When the offset is several month old remove it with some roots attached and plant shallowly in Seed & Cutting Compost. Keep warm until establishment. You can devide old plants. Sow seed at 81 F (27 C) in spring.
Guzmania 'Cherry'
Guzmania 'Cherry'

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County Limerick, Ireland
16th May 2009
This is a truely wonderful indoor plant. I bought mine 6 months ago. It is now 17 inches tall and has recently produced 2 offsets. I live in a hard water area, but I have found that this plant loves water from my tropical fish tank. So when I do a water change every two weeks, it gets some of the old water. It has done very well with this because the water is treated for hardness and also has the bonus of added nutrients vs normal tap water.
saudi arabia
24th Nov 2011
Its a great indoor plant I have kept them under combination of flouresent light and halogen lamp and they seem to be very happy and colourful for last 7 months. Out of other varieties of bromeliads guzmenia is the only variety taking low light conditions very well.
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