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Family: Araceae.

Common name(s): The Peace Lily
Spathiphyllum Genus of 36 species of rhizomatous, evergreen perennials occuring in damp tropical forest in Indonesia, the Philippines, and tropical North, Central, and South America. Spathiphyllum (The Peace Lily) needs warmth and moist air. There must be no cold draughts and the pot should be surrounded by moist peat or stood on a pebble tray. In spring and sometimes again in autumn the flowers appear. White flowers turn pale green with age. All parts of the plants may cause mild stomach upset if ingested, and contact with the sap may irritate skin.
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Average warmth in summer - minimum 60F in winter.Semi-shade or bright light. Keep well away from direct sunlight. Water sparingly in winter. For the rest of thr year water thoroughly. Misting is necessary. Divide plant in winter or immediately after flowering. Sow seed at 73-81 F (23-27 C) as soon as ripe, or in spring, on sphagnum moss.

User-submitted additions and corrections:

30th Jan 2008
my plant is endless. It is so big its like a huge monster in the corner. It likes plenty of water otherwise the long stalks go limp. I get flowers very often.
14th Feb 2008
My Peace Lily plants flower frequently but the flowers stay a pale green and do not turn white. I asked at a plant store and was told they need lots of direct sunlight. I know that is not correct as direct sun burns the leaves. I have fertilized with miracle grow according to directions. Any suggestions?
New Zealand
3rd Jun 2008
Have you got a fish tank?? I take a couple of litres out once a month and feed my plants with it the best and cheapest plant fert available plus a slow release is good or a blood and bone sprayed on the foilage
27th Jun 2008
I have had my peace lilly since March of 01,when my father passed away. It is in a south facing window and has gotten VERY large. On Fathers Day it blossomed with 8 flowers,one for each of his children. It currently has 13 blossoms on it.
USA - Maryland line PA.
25th Jul 2008
Been growing 3 of them for years, colder weather brings them into bloom, when the leaves droop water them, I cut of leaves that look bad which make it grow stronger and cut of tips that are brown, they are in door most of the time. In summer I take out side and leave out all night never leave in bright sun light. They love rain water. I even clean leave with water and rag which they like a lot, leaves get bright and shiny. Alway use light warm water. they can grow big. Just replant to a bigger pot and so on and so on as they get big.
Cindy Anfinson
United States
3rd Apr 2009
I revived a Spathiphyllum that my daughter took out in cold weather. The leaves turned dark and went limp. I cut the plant down to one inch above the dirt, watered well and set it in a east window. Within days in started to shoot new growth and is now 6 months later, it is a lush green plant again. I have found that they are hard to kill if you water regularly.
21st Sep 2010
This plant loves water and is the indicator for all of my plants. When it is thirsty, all of the stems droop. One good watering and the next day, it is as good as new. I love this plant.
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