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x Citrofortunella

Family: Rutaceae.

Calamondin fruits Common name(s): Calamondin Citrofortunella microcarpa
x Citrofortunella Hybrid genus of evergreen shrubs and trees, crosses of Citrus and Fortunella.

Sometimes has a few short spines, and elliptic to broadly ovate, bright green leaves. Bears white flowers from spring to summer, followed by spherical orange fruit, 1-1.5" (2.5-4cm) across.

x Citrofortunella
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Average warmth in summer - minimum 45-55 F in winter. Brightly lit spot with shade from hot sun. Grow in soil-based potting mix. When in growth, mist daily, water freely, and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks. Reduce watering in winter. Take semi-ripe stem cuttings in spring or summer. Layer in early spring.

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8th Mar 2010
i inherited a citrofortunella from my step mother about 20 yeas ago and she had had it for at least 20. didn't know the name until now. the fragrance of the blooms in spring will knock you over it's so sweet! this winter has been tough for it so i snuck it out on a warm day in February and completely transplanted it--broke the hard-knotted ball up as well as possible--and put it in all new organic soil. it is still somewhat stressed but looking like it will recover. my wife and i made marmalade from the over 100 fruits we harvested near the end of Fall. they're also wonderful in the place of a lime in a gin and tonic! i will try to propagate some cuttings this spring--thanks for the advice!
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