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Family: Amaryllidaceae.

Common name(s): Spider lily, Peruvian daffodil Hymenocallis caribaea Herb.
Hymenocallis Genus of about 40 species of bulbous perennials, some evergreen, from grassland and rocky habitats from S. US to South America. In spring, summer, or winter, they bear terminal umbels of fragrant flowers recembling spidery daffodils, each with 6 narrow petals, and a large cup, formed from the fused lower parts of the stamens. The leaves are basal, strap-shaped or oblong. Hymenocallis
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Plant bulbs in autumn with the neck and shoulders above soil level. Grow in soil-based potting mix, in bright filtered or full light. Provide low humidity for deciduous species and moderate to hogh humidity for evergreens. Water freely during growing season. Keep deciduous species dry and evergreens just moist when dormant. Sow seed at 66-75F (19-24C) as soon as ripe. Remove offsets in spring.

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24th Jun 2009
I live in Ardmore Oklahoma and I bought two Peruvian daffodil bulbs five years ago. I bought them at WalMart and thought they looked beautifully unusual. I had no idea if they would live or even bloom. I planted them in the fall and crossed my fingers that they would winter over and survive. Five years later, I now have five bulbs that bloom in June every year with many flowers. I just love my babies.
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