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Family: Orchidaceae.

Encyclia bractescens
Encyclia Genus of about 150 species of mainly evergreen, epiphytic orchids from the US, Mexico, and the West Indies. They have fleshy pseudobulbs, which are rounded or elongated, and usually 2 narrowly oblong to strap-shaped or linear to elliptic, fleshy or leathery leaves. Attractive, variable, often fragrant flowers are produced from the apexes of the pseudobulbs, in late spring and summer, but often intermittenly throughout the year.
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Cool-growing orchids. Grow in epiphytic orchid potting mix in a statted basket, in bright filtered light or full light with shade grom hot sun. When in growth, water wreely. Keep dry in winter. Divide when plants overflow their containers, or remove backbulbs and pot up separetely.
Encyclia citrina
Semi-evergreen orchid with ovoid, conical, or spindle-shaped pseudobulbs and narrowly elliptic, pendent, glaucos gray-green leaves, 7-10in (18-25cm) long. Solitary, occasionally 2, pendent, fleshy, fragrant, bright lemon-yellow flowers, up to 3in (8cm) across, are borne from spring to early summer. Requires drier conditions than other species. Withhold water when pseudobulbs are fully mature. min. temperature 52054F (11-12C), max. 86F (30C). Encyclia citrina

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7th Apr 2008
Encyclias vary from cool growing to very warm growing. Check on the temperatures for individual species.
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