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Family: Primulaceae.

Cyclamen persicum Mill.
Cyclamen Genus of about 20 species of tuberous perennials found in habitats ranging from alpine woodland and damp woods to dry sands and maquis, from the Mediterranean east to Iran and south to Somalia. Cyclamen is one of the most popular pot plants.

Most Cyclamens are unfortunately consigned to the dustbin after a few weeks. With care they will bloom indoors for several months and then can be kept to provide another display next winter.

Cyclamen can be re-bloomed year after year, however, the procedure is not easy. Provide a growing area with full sun indoors, but partial shade outdoors. During growth periods keep the soil evenly moist. When the tuber is dormant, the soil should be dry, but not so dry the tuber shrivels. Fertilize with any house plant fertilizer during growth periods. Cyclamen prefers cool temperatures, 60 to 65 degrees during the day and 50 degrees at night. During rest periods, temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees are sufficient. Flowering does not depend on a critical day length. Repot as the plant comes out of its rest period in the spring. Water lightly until leaves appear then give normal amounts of water and begin fertilizing.

Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Cool - minimum 50-60 is ideal. Brightly lit spot away from direct sunlight.. Keep well away from direct sunlight. Keep compost moist at all times but never waterlogged. Reduce watering in winter. Use soft, tepid water. Misting is necessary. Sow seeds as soon as ripe, in darkness, in late summer at 54-59 F (12-15 C). Before sowing, soal all seed in water for 12 hours.

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