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Family: Orchidaceae.

Oncidium Genus of over 450 species of evergreen, terrestrial, epiphytic, or lithophytic orchids found in Mexico, Central America, South America, and thr West Indies. The genus is characterized by the presence of one or two leafed pseudobulbs with a single internode that is normally subtended by distichous leaflike sheaths which give rise to the inflorescense. The flowers are spurless and often have wings on either side of the stigma and it has a footless column that has the basal part of the lip attached. It has two hard pollina attached to a stipe connected to a viscidium. The flowers are typically yellow, with prominent lips. and are produced in short or tall racemes or panicles from the bases of the plants.
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Cool- to Intermediate-growing orchid. Grow compact species in pots of epiphytic orchid potting mix. Avoid direct sun except for very early or late in the day. Day Temperature 70° - 80° F, Night Temperature 60° F. During the growing season, mist daily and water freely. Keep oncidiums with large pseudobulbs dry in winter. Those with small pseudobulbs, or none, require watering all year. Divide when the plants overflow their containers, or remove backbulbs.
Oncidium fuscatum
One of the non-yellow oncidiums found from Panama down through western Brazil. Grows intermediate to warm with moderate to bright light. Spikes produce five to six 5" flowers. Blooms summer and winter.
Oncidium fuscatum v. album
Another hard-to-find alba form of this New World species. These are from the Amazon basin near the foot of the Andes in western Brazil. Grows intermediate to warm with moderate to bright light. Tall spikes produce four to five 3Ѕ" flowers. Blooms throughout the year for us but mainly in winter and spring.
Oncidium viperinum
Small plant with big flowers. Prefers intermediate to warm with moderate light. Plant is 2"-3" tall, but will throw a spike up to 10" with quarter-size flowers. A must for the miniature gourmet.

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