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Family: Orchidaceae.

Macodes sanderiana
Macodes Genus of about 7 species, extending from Malaysia to New Guinea and Vanuatu. Species of this genus, along with those with colourful leaves in other genera, such as Anoectochilus, Eucosia and Goodyera, are referred to as 'Jewel Orchids.' The genus Macodes probably contains the largest and most attractive plants in the 'Jewel Orchid' group in New Guinea. Although not often seen in cultivation, they are considered to have great horticultural potential because of their beautiful foliage. Mostly found in the Malaysian region, especially in Indonesia. These are grown more for their foliage than for their blooms. Plants have creeping rhizomes, the erect stems bear leaves near the base and an inflorescence higher up. The leaves are dark green or brownish green and attractively veined. The inflorescence bears many small flowers.
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Avoid hot sun. After your orchid flowers, cut off the stalks. The plant will then begin growing, producing side shoots both above and below ground during the spring and summer. Grow in the orchid potting mix. Water freely all year, sparingly in winter. Misting is necessary once or twice a day. Take a cutting and drop it into a glass of water, and it will root and bloom.
Macodes petola
One of the jewel orchids grown primarily for beauty of foliage. Grown as a terrerstial, it produces an upright spike of white flowers. Prefers intermediate temperatures with moderate light. Should not dry out completely. Macodes petola

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