The Encyclopedia of House Plants

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Family: Orchidaceae.

Haemaria Genus of one species, with a variety of leaf forms.

Grown primarily for its beauty of foliage. In nature it creeps along the jungle floor and over fallen branches. Produces an upright spike of white flowers. Prefers intermediate to warm temps with moderate to low light. Easy grower and vigorous!

Haemaria discolor (or Ludisia discolor ) is a semi terrestrial or lithophyte species of the shady forest. This form is characterised by the dark green black leaf with the silver veins instead of the copper red colour veins of var Dawsoniana.

Flowers in autumn or winter.

Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Haemaria discolor tolerate intermediate to warm conditions. They need high humidity and warm temperatures. The plants should be grown in a well drained media that will stay damp but not wet. In winter, the plants can be deciduous and should be dried out, with just sufficiebt water to stop them shrivelling. On appearance of new growth, a repot into fresh media is beneficial. A shallow tray will allow the rhizome to spread out. Water freely in the summer; in the autumn reduce watering. During the rest period, keep completely dry, and just spray it occasionally. Take cutting of growing shoots and pot them directly in the potting medium.

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