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Family: Ericaceae.

Rhododendron simsii Planch.
Azalea Syn. Rhododendron Genus of about 500-900 species of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs from Europe, Australia, North America and Asia. Azalea is the name of evergreen species of Rhododendron. These beautiful plants may be re-bloomed but are not easy to grow. They need partial sun or light shade in summer, otherwise, give them bright light. Azalea needs an acid soil with a pH of 5.5. Keep the plant well watered and do not allow the soil surface to get very dry. Some types need a 6 week cooling period at 45 degrees while others bloom without it. Flowering occurs 30 to 60 days after exposure to warmer temperatures. Ideal temperatures are 60 to 65 degrees during the day and 55 to 60 degrees at night. Pruning or repotting is done when the flowers fade. Failure to bloom may be due to poor light. Azalea
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Average warmth.Keep cool (40-60F) in winter. Choose sunniest spot available. Compost must be kept moist at all times during the growing season. Water sparingly in winter. Misting is not necessary. Don't mist flowers. Take stem cuttings in spring. Use a rooting hormone and provide bottom heat.

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15th Jul 2009
Don't plant azaleas too deep. They do much better if the top of the root ball is about 2 inches above the level surface of the ground.
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