The Encyclopedia of House Plants

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Some plants live in situations where their roots cannot obtain sufficient nutrients, and so they have evolved mechanisms to trap insects and then digest the contents of their bodies. There are three groups of these insectivorous plants - the Fly Traps with spiny-edged leaves which are hinged in the middle, the Sticky-leaved Plants with hair which secrete insect-catching fluid, and the Pitcher Plants with leaves which are water-filled funnels. These plants are very difficult to grow indoors - water with rainwater, keep the compost constantly moist and the surrounding air humid, and feed very occasionally with tiny bits of meat or dead flies. But even if you follow these rules their life span in the average living room will be quite short. Don't be put off - they will arouse more interest during this limited period than some plants you have had for many years!

Darlingtonia Darlingtonia
Dionaea (Venus flytrap)Dionaea
Drosera (Sundew, Cape Sundew, Forked Sundew)Drosera

Nepenthes (Monkey cup, Tropical pitcher plant)Nepenthes

Sarracenia (Purple Pitcher Plant, Yellow Pitcher Plant, Cobra Lily)Sarracenia
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